Xiaoyang Hao

Researcher Of Faculty Of Social And Cultural Studies, Kyushu University

  • 2020 – Present : Researcher of Kyushu University
  • 2021  – Present : Adjunct Instructor of Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University
  • 2021 – Present : Adjunct Instructor of Fukuoka Women’s University

26. Oct. 2022_PART III. [ROUNDTABLE] Here and Now, The Movement Of ‘Comfort Women’

Time : 15:30~17:30
Role : Keynote Speaker - China
Subject : Transmitting Knowledge and Gaining Recognition: Chinese “Comfort Women” Reparation Trials in the 1990s and 2000s

Xiaoyang Hao is an researcher at Kyushu University and concurrently adjunct instructor of Japanese history and gender studies at Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University and Fukuoka Women’s University.

Specializing in modern Japanese and Chinese history, she is particularly interested in women’s history, sexual violence, war crimes trials, collective memory, and issues related to reparations and reconciliation.

Her dissertation examines the way wartime sex crimes were adjudicated in a series of trials, and she is currently working on the commemoration of “comfort women.”

she received her Ph.D. from Kyushu University, Japan, and her works have appeared in peer-reviewed journals including The China Quarterly and The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus.