Ichiro Tomiyama

Professor Of Doshisha University's Graduate School Of Global Studies

  • 2012 – Present : Professor Of Doshisha University’s Graduate School Of Global Studies
  • 1997 -2012 : Professor of Osaka University 
  • 1989 – 1997 :  Associate Professor of Kobe City University of Foreign Studies  

26. Oct. 2022_PART I. The World Of Violence, The Ontology Of Coexistence

Time : 11:00~13:00
Role : Presentation1
Subject : TBD

Ichiro Tomiyama has studied modern and contemporary history of Okinawa and the possibility of creating a new collectivity with place for discussion of research activities. His publications include: modern Japanese society and Okinawans(Nihon Keizzi Hyoronsha, 1990) premonition of violence –the problem of crisis in Iha Fuyu (Iwanami Shoten 20002, Supplementary Battlefield Memory (Nihon Keizi Hyouronsha Ltd,2006), Ideological coalescence (2013), and knowledge of the beginning (Hosei Press 2018).