Sohyun Park

Professor Of Graduate School Of Public Policy And Information Tecnology, Seoul National University Of Science And Technology

  • 2015 – Present : Associate professor of Seoul National University of Science & Technology
  • 2013 – 2015 : Affiliated professor of Sungkyunkwan University
  • 2010 – 2015 : Research fellow of Korea Culture & Tourism Institute
  • 2009 – 2009 : HK research fellow of Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture, at Hanyang University

26. Oct. 2022_PART I. The World Of Violence, The Ontology Of Coexistence

Time : 11:00~13:00
Role : Discussion2
Subject : TBD

Sohyun Park is associate professor the Department of Digital and Cultural Policy at Seoul National University of Science and Technology. She is interested in cultural politics that appear in between art institutions and art practices, and gender politics, democracy, historical interpretation, neoliberal issues concerning museum and cultural policy.

Her research is in Art and Cultural Policy, Museology, and Modern and Contemporary Art History. She has published numerous articles and books including: “Kwon Jin-kyu’s Sculpture, Mannequin, and Special Effects in Film : A Critical Review on the Boundaries of ‘Sculpture’”(2022), “The Silence of Official History : The Fire Incident at the Independece Hall of Korea(1986) and the Genealogy of “Privately-led” Discourse in the 1980s”(2021), “How Are Museums for Equality Possible? : Reconsidering Equal Right to Access and Voices of ‘Non-Audience’/‘Excluded People’”(2021), “A Critical Study on Google Arts & Culture’s “Non-Profit” Strategy and its Appropriation of Publicness of Museums”(2021), “Democratization and Museum Policy in South Korea”(2019), ““#Sexual Violence_in_Art World” Movement and the Challenge of Art History”(2019), “Cultural Policy after the Blacklist : Overcoming the Cultural War of Defactualization”(2018).