Emmanuel Moonchil Park

Film Director Of 'Comfort'

  • 2019 – Present : Assistant Professor of Department of Media Arts & Sciences, Woosuk University

26. Oct. 2022_PART II. Silence And Gesture: Cinematographic Translation Of Testimonies - Conversations with Soonam Park x Emmanuel Moonchil Park x Miyojo Hwang

Time : 14:00~15:30

Emmanuel Moonchil Park is a filmmaker based in S Korea. His films MY PLACE (2013), BLUE BUTTERFLY EFFET (2017), and QUEER 053 (2019) have covered wide-ranging topics with nuanced, thoughtful depictions of gender, social change, and power. His latest film COMFORT 보드랍게 (2020) is a richly layered, complex portrayal of KIM Soonak, a survivor of violence and so much more.