Hyangsuk Kwon

Professor Of Faculty Of Global Studies, Sophia University

  • 2022 – Present : Associate Professor of Sophia University
  • 2010-2011 : Research Professor of Chonnam National University
  • 2009-2021 : Adjunct Researcher of Waseda University 

27. Oct. 2022_PART IV. (Post) Cold War and Victim Stereotypicality

Time : 10:00~12:30
Role : Moderator

Hyangsuk Kwon is an associate professor in the Faculty of Global Studies at Sophia University.

She has received a Ph.D. from the University’s Graduate Program in International Relations, which constitutes part of the Graduate School of Foreign Studies, after having earlier obtained a Master’s degree in the same Graduate Program.

Her doctoral thesis is entitled “A Study on Self-Governance of Ethnic Minority: Korean-Chinese Migration and Formation of Networks in Northeast Asia.” It was published as an academic book in Japan in 2011 and a new edition was published in 2019. It was also translated and published in Korean in 2015.